Thursday, September 13, 2012

FAN #255: "Grits, Interrupted" by Johnny Pez and Noel Maurer

Up today at the Sobel Wiki are four, count 'em, four For All Nails vignettes.  First is #254: "A Farewell to Kings" by Mike Keating, in which the leadership of the Samuel Adams Brotherhood reacts to the Viceroy crisis. Second is my own #255: "Grits, Interrupted", in which the C.N.A. and U.S.M. agree on a joint military operation in the South American nation of Grão Pará (part of Brazil in our own timeline) in May 1976.  Third is #266: "No Oil for Blood" by Noel Maurer, a series of magazine articles on the British occupation of New Granada.  And finally we have #288: "A Statement of Principles" by Andrew Barton, in which the government of Quebec reacts to the Viceroy crisis.

By an interesting coincidence, the addition of these four vignettes brings the number of articles in the Sobel Wiki up to 1776.

"A Farewell to Kings" was first posted to the soc.history.what-if newsgroup on 19 June 2003, "Grits, Interrupted" on 20 June 2003, "No Oil for Blood" on 19 October 2003, and "A Statement of Principles" on 7 March 2004.

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