Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: February 12

On February 12, 1824, Mexican President Andrew Jackson gave an address to Congress on his recently-concluded "grand tour" of the United States of Mexico. Rather than the usual broad platitudes his listeners were expecting, Jackson gave specific proposals, concentrating on the economic potential of the new country, especially the states of Arizona and Mexico del Norte. He concluded his remarks by revealing that "several friendly nations have indicated interest in participating in Mexico's future." Within days, it was learned that France had agreed to loan the Mexican government $4 million.

On February 12, 1921, Josephine Williams, a columnist for the Jefferson Times, dismissed President Emiliano Calles as a figurehead for Secretary of State Albert Ullman, writing: "Mr. Calles resembles nothing more than petrified wood, not only in appearance, but in chemistry. Wood when placed in mineral solution changes gradually, as the wood molecules are replaced by those of stone. Thus, the appearance is wood, but the reality is calcium. President Calles seems the Hero of Chapultepec, but in reality he is the miserable professor from Kinkaid."

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