Sunday, January 6, 2008

Is Obama Black Enough?

That's the question that political commentators (invariably, white ones) asked when Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) first entered the presidential race: is he black enough to attract the "black vote"? Well, as Glenn Greenwald points out, Obama is certainly black enough to cause conservatives to start tooting on their race dogwhistles. Here he quotes Jonah Goldberg:

I think it's worth imagining a certain scenario. Imagine the Democrats do rally around Obama. Imagine the media invests as heavily in him as I think we all know they will if he's the nominee -- and then imagine he loses. I seriously think certain segments of American political life will become completely unhinged. I can imagine the fear of this social unraveling actually aiding Obama enormously in 2008.

This seems a little obscure, since it's written in a conservative dialect called Chickenshit. Fortunately, thanks to the miracle of Babelfish, we can machine-translate Jonah's words from their original Chickenshit into the more easily understood LOLCat:

O noes! Teh negroz iz komen! Teh negroz iz komen!

Greenwald predicts that if Obama secures the Democratic nomination, we can expect to hear many, many more racial dogwhistles from conservatives.

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