Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Secret Mistresses of the MRM

On the Man Boobz blog the other day, commenter C. C. Fuss made a startling admission:

What you new MRA recruits failed to realise is that we fymynymymynysts have also
taken over the men’s rights movement. You must now accept my orders!


I have since spent the intervening days in intensive investigation of this claim, and what I have to report will rock you to the very core of your being: C. C. Fuss was telling the truth! Warren Farrell is actually Jill at Feministe; the Anti-Feminist is actually Lindsay Beyerstein of Focal Point; and W. F. Price, Lord of the Spearhead, is none other than Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon. And it turns out that Roy Den Hollander, the Manhattan attorney who has made a career out of suing bars with Ladies Night drink specials, isn't even a human being; "he" is actually the animatronic Woodrow Wilson from Disney World's Hall of Presidents, reprogrammed by a secret cabal of feminist cyberneticists.

If you think about it, this makes all kinds of sense. The central focus of the Man Boobz blog itself is pointing out the incredibly vicious, rampant* misogyny that infests the Men's Rights Movement like a repulsive infestation thingie. As the, um, spearhead of online anti-feminism, the MRM is the face of Male Resistance on the internet. Naturally, then, feminists are going to try to discredit their opponents by making them out to be a gang of psychopaths spewing out spittle-flecked rants in support of wife abusers and rapists.

So, to any Men's Rights Activist out there who happens to read this post, beware! You only think you're fighting the good fight! You're actually puppets dancing on the strings umbilical cords of the very feminists you think you're opposing!

But it's not too late! Boycott MANcott the so-called Men's Rights Movement! Go your own way! Get out there and organize battered men's shelters! Protest prison rape! Build low-income housing for homeless men! Make a real difference in the lives of the oppressed men of the world! That's how a REAL man fights the Matriarchy!

*Veiled penis reference.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Wheels within wheels, J.P. Wheels whithin wheels!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Also, I am not actually a zombie.

I know that will shock many.