Friday, July 25, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: July 25

On July 25, 1901, the People's Coalition caucus in C.N.A. Grand Council met to choose a replacement for Governor-General Ezra Gallivan, who had resigned the day before. The two leading contenders were Councilman Thomas Kronmiller of Indiana, and Minister for Home Affairs Leonidas Rubey. Kronmiller had become too closely identified with Starkism over the previous two years, and his abrasive personality had earned him too many enemies. Rubey was a moderate who had remained in the background during the Starkist terror, and was considered a unity candidate, but was not considered a viable candidate for the upcoming 1903 Grand Council elections. Rubey himself suggested Councilman Harry Burroughs of Manitoba as an interim candidate who would step down in 1903. The caucus accepted the idea of an interim governor-general, but chose Councilman Clifton Burgen of Northern Vandalia rather than Burroughs. After the caucus voted for Burgen, Kronmiller remarked, "Burgen had everything in his favor. No one knew who he was, and neither did he."

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