Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Harry Reid's Worst Nightmare

This is it, folks. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's worst nightmare has come to pass.

The Pertekt Amurrica Act has expired, and all that stands between our nation and the Terrorist Hordes is the crappy old Foreign Intelligence Surveillence Act. Our valiant telecommunications corporations have not been granted retroactive immunity for all the laws they broke at the behest of Our Mighty Wartime President. Worst of all, the hooray-for-Gestapo-tactics wing of the GOP is on the warpath and in full pants-wetting mode.

And you know what? Nobody gives a rat's patootie. The sky hasn't fallen, the country hasn't been invaded by an army of terrorists, and the Democratic Party isn't collapsing.

We definitely need to get ourselves a new Senate Majority Leader.