Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Approaching Storm

From Tennessee comes word of a crazy right-winger (but I repeat myself) going into a Unitarian church and opening fire on the people attending a children's performance of "Annie", wounding seven and killing two. As usual, the commenters at Sadly, No! put their collective finger on the larger meaning:

Jrod at 5:14
I’m sorry, that’s disgusting… but this is only the beginning. After Obama is elected this sort of thing will become commonplace as these lunatics realize that their ideology has failed.

and SamFromUtah at 5:33
I’ve long believed we’re due for a new Golden Age of Domestic Terrorism triggered by a Democratic inauguration. Something in the collective wingnut psyche cracked forever when Clinton won in ‘92 and they’ve been getting steadily crazier since.

Wise words. Conservatives have been fed on a steady diet of hate by Limbaugh and his countless, countless imitators for the last sixteen years. The election of a black president is going to drive a lot of these people over the line into rage-fueled killing sprees and terrorist attacks.

Get ready, folks. The horror show has just started.