Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wingnut hate overwhelms Secret Service

From today's Boston Globe comes the following story:

The unprecedented number of death threats against President Obama, a rise in racist hate groups, and a new wave of antigovernment fervor threaten to overwhelm the US Secret Service, according to government officials and reports

Yeah, I don't think anyone could have predicted that electing a black president would cause all the racist mofos in this country to go batshit crazy. According to the story, one possible solution to the rising tide of hate would be for the Secret Service to stop catching counterfeiters (which is the other thing they do) and concentrate on protecting the president.

Here's a prediction (AROO AROO must cite the Johnny Pez blog): the next wingnut hissy fit will be about how Obama is now using the Secret Service to look for counterfeiters. "Our Marxist President is expanding socialist government! They're coming for your guns AND your fake money! PATRIOTS BEWARE!!!eleven!!"

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