Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sobel Wiki Update 5

It's been exactly five months since I created the Sobel Wiki, an online encyclopedia of Robert Sobel's counterfactual history For Want of a Nail: If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga. 153 days of moderately diligent work on my part has resulted in a wiki with 300 pages, about twenty-five of which are mere stubs. Much of this surge in activity is due to the creation of an archive for the For All Nails project, an extension of Sobel's timeline by a group of alternate history enthusiasts (including myself).

I should note that I was mistaken in Update 4 when I claimed there were 303 For All Nails vignettes. The actual number then was 366, and the number has increased since then to 371. I failed to count multipart vignettes (for instance, number 243, "Napoleon's Nail", is actually 8 parts long, while number 51, "Victoria's Secret", is 14 parts long). Of the five additional vignettes, three were written by me, and one each by my fellow FAN authors Jonathan Edelstein and "President Chester A. Arthur". On top of that, FAN author David Mix Barrington has begun posting his own vignettes to the Sobel Wiki archive, so I may actually have a second regular contributor there. 38 of the 371 vignettes are now available at the Sobel Wiki archive.

FAN lives! Sobel Wiki forever!

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