Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dog walk: 8/27/11

Hurricane Irene seemed reluctant to start raining on Newport this afternoon, so I decided to take the dogs on a final pre-sucky-weather walk through the town. The sky is overcast, and there's some fog hanging around parts of Aquidneck Island, and it's really muggy, but temps are in the mid-70s, so it's actually not bad dog-walking weather.

It's the weekend before Labor Day weekend, and normally a Saturday afternoon would see Newport swarming with tourists. Today, the sidewalks were practically deserted. In the course of our walk, I only had two different groups stop and ask me what kinds of dogs these were, and only two children asked if they could pet the dogs (the answer is always yes, because the basenjis always enjoy being petted). Most of the businesses were closed, and had their windows boarded up in anticipation of the storm, though there were exceptions like the Barking Crab restaurant. One of the plywood boards I saw had been spraypainted with the message GOODNIGHT IRENE.

I stopped in at my workplace along the way, and discovered much to my astonishment that it was shutting down today. I knew that we were going to be closed tomorrow night, due to fears that it would be flooded by the coming storm surge, but I thought I would be working tonight. Not so, and nobody had thought to inform me. So, for the next two nights, it'll just be me, the basenjis, and Irene.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Stay safe old chum!

I've been working since 3PM yesterday. I may end up crashing on the floor for a while, because I don't know if the guy who's got the 4-12 will be able to make it.

It's been brutal.