Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dog walk: 3/14/12

Yesterday saw temps in the low 80s and a cloudless blue sky. It looks like we've leapfrogged spring and gone straight into summer. And yet, technically, it's still winter. By the time the dogs and I were finished an hour-long walk through the streets of McKees Rocks, both of them were panting from the heat. One of the things that made walking the dogs in Newport so enjoyable was that some of the shops would set out bowls of water for passing dogs, and the basenjis had a couple of favorite spots where they liked to stop for a drink. Sadly, this enlightened custom has not made its way to the land of McKees Rocks.

The highlight of today's walk occurred on Holmes Street, when the dogs and I met a woman on her way to work. After she asked The Question and was informed that the dogs were basenjis, she revealed that she worked in a kiosk at the Robinson Mall where she sold dog treats. Sadly, she had no samples with her, but she invited me to stop in and say hello if I ever found myself at the mall.

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