Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FAN #313: "Uncommon Women" by David Mix Barrington

Up today at the Sobel Wiki is the new latest For All Nails vignette, #313: "Uncommon Women" by David Mix Barrington, in which Dave MB's Sobel Timeline alter-ego enjoys an outing with his girlfriend in August 1976.

This is the first new FAN vignette to be written entirely by someone who wasn't me since Mike "President Chester A. Arthur" Davis posted his last Martin Cole vignette two years and eight days ago. (There were two other non-Pez vignettes posted to soc.history.what-if in the interval, but both Jonathan Edelstein's "Domestic Scene" from exactly two years ago, and Dave's "Notes from the Investigation, Part 2" from last August 25, were largely written in the early oughts, and only completed and posted after I started the ball rolling again two and a half years ago.)

It pleases me no end to see For All Nails continuing its slow but inexorable revival, so I'd like to take this opportunity to remind the members of my vast global audience that the resurrected FAN Cabal is open to anyone who wants to take a whack at extending the Sobel Timeline, whether they were part of the original Cabal or not.

"Uncommon Women" was also posted to shw-i earlier today.

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