Monday, February 10, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: February 10

On February 10, 1890, Mexican dictator Benito Hermión informed the Mexican Senate that he had learned of a plot "hatched in Bogotá to assassinate leading members of this body, the Cabinet, and the Chief of State." It was the first step in Hermión's plan to conquer the South American nation of New Granada.

On February 10, 1915, Howard Washburne, the Governor of Southern Vandalia, spoke out on the ongoing Chapultepec Treason Trials in the U.S.M. He called for the abolition of Negro slavery there, saying, "Our brothers are in chains, and their cries never leave our ears. We can no longer tolerate it. Either Mexico will end slavery, or we will do it for her." Washburne's remarks touched off a diplomatic crisis between the two countries, and set off a social revolution in the Confederation of North America.

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