Thursday, July 24, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: July 24

On July 24, 1901, North American Govenor-General Ezra Gallivan announced his resignation, due to the ongoing civil disorders which had been troubling the C.N.A. for just over two years. In his resignation speech, Gallivan said, "For many years I have cherished the grace with which John McDowell left office, and had hoped I could match it. This was not meant to be. Therefore, let me be blunt and direct. Events of the past two years have shown I have become an embarrassment to many in the nation, a source of serious contention. North America as a whole would be better served by my resignation than if I stayed in office."

Gallivan's remarks appeared in the next day's edition of the Burgoyne Record.

On July 24, 1934, Grand Council Majority Leader Herbert Lee, a supporter of Governor-General Douglas Watson's armaments program, was deposed by the Liberal Caucus and replaced by Councilman Charles Dorsey, an opponent of the program.

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