Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: August 28

On August 28, 1845, North American Governor-General Winfield Scott responded to rising tensions with the United States of Mexico, and the recent electoral victory of the Continentalist Party under Senator Pedro HermiĆ³n, by calling a secret Cabinet meeting. Scott urged the Cabinet to continue negotiations with the Mexicans, but Henry Gilpin, his Minister of War, and chief rival within the Unified Liberal Party, argued against Scott, and was able to gain the support of a majority of the Cabinet for a declaration of war. Rather than resign and allow Gilpin to succeed him as governor-general, Scott chose to bow to the will of the majority and support war with Mexico.

On August 28, 1914, General Emiliano Calles defeated the French Expeditionary Force at the Battle of Chapultepec, the decisive battle of the Hundred Day War. Calles succeeded in surrounding the F.E.F. with an enclosure of barbed wire guarded by machine guns and mortars. The French commander, General Jacques Beauchamp, led three charges against the Mexicans in an attempt to break free, but was unsuccessful, losing his life during the third charge, along with two thousand of his men.

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