Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: November 11

On November 11, 1939, North American Governor-General Bruce Hogg met with Owen Galloway, the President of North American Motors, to ask him to act as an official government representative "when and if North America's good offices are needed to effect a peace" after Europe's warring nations had exhausted themselves into a stalemate, as Hogg believed would happen. Galloway agreed to do so.

On November 11, 1970, Robert Sobel interviewed Kramer Associates historian Stanley Tulin to discuss K.A. President John Jackson's creation of an informal alliance between the company and the nations of Japan and Australia in the early years of the Global War; the transition of power between Jackson and his successor, Carl Salazar, after Jackson's death in 1949; and Salazar's unsuccessful efforts to persuade North American Governor-General Richard Mason to form an anti-Mexican alliance with K.A. in 1958.

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