Thursday, January 7, 2010

Justified genocide, by George!

From Sadly, No! comes word of a column in which George F. "Briefing Book" Will writes:

Brown University’s faculty voted to rename Columbus Day “Fall Weekend,” presumably to punish the explorer for spoiling the Western Hemisphere paradise where human sacrifices were still happening when he arrived.

I think the point Will is trying to get across here is that if one group of people are doing evil things, then another, less evil, group of people is justified in slaughtering them and stealing their land. So, to choose an example at random, if the Americans suddenly became evil by, say, torturing prisoners or invading other countries for no good reason, then non-evil people like the Canadians or the French would be justified in coming over, beating the crap out of them, decimating them, and screwing them out of all their worldly possessions.

It's not the sort of argument you're used to hearing from conservatives, so I guess mad props to Will for boldly making the "Death to America" case.

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