Monday, August 23, 2010

Astounding Online Index

For some time now, the good people at Project Gutenberg have been posting entire issues of Astounding Stories, one of the Gernsback Era pulp science fiction magazines, and the forerunner of today's Analog magazine. As each issue has gone up, I've added a link to it in my Astounding Stories Online sidebar, as a service to my hypothetical readers. They've currently got the entire first year of 1930, with the curious exception of the very first issue from January; they've also got 1931 up to July, except for the June issue.

But which issues contain which stories by which authors? It's all just so many undifferentiated links unless you've got an index. So, I've decided to add an index, with all the usual links, alphabetized by author, and then by story title. As each issue is posted, I'll be adding more stories until, presumably, the entire thirty-four issue run of the Clayton Astounding is available.

UPDATE: The June 1931 issue is now available.

UPDATE 2: The August 1931 issue is now available.

Astounding Stories Online

Harry Bates
"The Slave Ship from Space", July 1931

Harry Bates and Desmond W. Hall
"The Hands of Aten", July 1931
"The Tentacles from Below", February 1931

Miles J. Breuer, M.D.
"A Problem in Communication", September 1930

Arthur J. Burks
"Earth, the Marauder", July 1930, August 1930, September 1930
"Manape the Mighty", June 1931
"Monsters of Moyen", April 1930

Hugh B. Cave
"The Corpse on the Grating", February 1930
"The Murder Machine", September 1930

Ray Cummings
"Beyond the Vanishing Point", March 1931
"Brigands of the Moon", March 1930, April 1930, May 1930, June 1930
"The Exile of Time", April 1931, May 1931, June 1931, July 1931
"Jetta of the Lowlands", September 1930, October 1930, November 1930

Tom Curry
"From an Amber Block", July 1930
"Giants of the Ray", June 1930
"Hell's Dimension", April 1931
"The Soul Snatcher", April 1930

Charles Willard Diffin
"Brood of the Dark Moon", August 1931, September 1931, October 1931, November 1931
"Dark Moon", May 1931
"The Eye of Allah", January 1931
"Holocaust", June 1931
"The Moon Master", June 1930
"Out of the Dreadful Depths", June 1930
"The Pirate Planet", November 1930, December 1930, January 1931, February 1931
"The Power and the Glory", July 1930
"Spawn of the Stars", February 1930
"When the Mountain Came to Miramar", March 1931

Sophie Wenzel Ellis
"Creatures of the Light", February 1930
"Slaves of the Dust", December 1930

Paul Ernst
"Marooned Under the Sea", September 1930
"The World Behind the Moon", April 1931

Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
"The Gray Plague", November 1930

Ralph Milne Farley
"The Danger from the Deep", August 1931

Jackson Gee
"An Extra Man", October 1930

Anthony Gilmore
"Four Miles Within", April 1931

Desmond W. Hall
"Werewolves of War", February 1931

Edmond Hamilton
"Monsters of Mars", April 1931
"The Second Satellite", August 1930

Thomas H. Knight
"The Man Who Was Dead", April 1930

Murray Leinster
"The Fifth-Dimension Catapult", January 1931
"Murder Madness", May 1930, June 1930, July 1930, August 1930

Robert H. Leitfred
"Prisoners of the Electron", October 1930

A. T. Locke
"Vandals of the Stars", March 1930

Lilith Lorraine
"The Jovian Jest", May 1930

F. V. W. Mason
"Phalanxes of Atlans", February 1931, March 1931

S. P. Meek
"The Attack From Space", September 1930
"Beyond the Heaviside Layer", July 1930
"The Black Lamp", February 1931
"Cold Light", March 1930
"Into Space", February 1930
"The Ray of Madness", April 1930
"The Port of Missing Planes", August 1931
"The Sea Terror", December 1930
"Stolen Brains", October 1930
"The Thief of Time", February 1930
"When Caverns Yawned", May 1931

James P. Olsen
"The Cavern World", June 1930

Anthony Pelcher
"Mad Music", February 1930
"Vampires of Venus", April 1930

H. Thompson Rich
"The Diamond Thunderbolt", July 1931
"The Flying City", August 1930
"The Sunken Empire", January 1931

William Merriam Rouse
"The Destroyer", November 1930

Victor Rousseau
"The Atom-Smasher", May 1930
"The Beetle Horde", January 1930, February 1930
"The Invisible Death", October 1930
"The Lord of Space", August 1930
"The Wall of Death", November 1930

Will Smith and R. J. Robbins
"The Soul Master", March 1930

Nat Schachner and Arthur Leo Zagat
"The Death-Cloud", May 1931
"The Revolt of the Machines", July 1931

David R. Sparks
"The Ape-Men of Xlotli", December 1930

R. F. Starzl
"The Earthman's Burden", June 1931
"If the Sun Died", August 1931
"The Planet of Dread", August 1930

Harl Vincent
"Gray Denim", December 1930
"The Moon Weed", August 1931
"Old Crompton's Secret", February 1930
"Silver Dome", August 1930
"The Terror of Air-Level Six", July 1930
"Terrors Unseen", March 1931
"Vagabonds of Space", November 1930

Hal K. Wells
"The Gate to Xoran", January 1931
"When the Moon Turned Green", May 1931

Jack Williamson
"The Doom from Planet 4", July 1931
"The Lake of Light", April 1931
"The Meteor Girl", March 1931

H. G. Winter
"The Midget from the Island", August 1931

Sewell Peaslee Wright
"The Dark Side of Antri", January 1931
"The Forgotten Planet", July 1930
"From the Ocean's Depths", March 1930
"The Ghost World", April 1931
"Into the Ocean's Depths", May 1930
"The Man from 2071", June 1931
"The Terrible Tentacles of L-472", September 1930


Phoebe Barton said...

This is incredible and unbelievable. It's incredibly unbelievable. Astounding, really. And here I thought the only realistic option I'd have for this stuff would be to track down yellowing pulp magazines that predate the Second World War.

Not that I'll STOP doing that, though. There's something to be said for the genuine article.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Project Gutenberg truly is a wonderful endeavor.