Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tag! You're it!

Or so says Solnushka of Verbosity, at any rate. Solnushka was tagged on December 13 by E. of Whining at the World, who in turn was tagged on December 12 by Stacey of Say Something Stacey, who was tagged on June 6 by Amanda at Teasingly Diverse, who was tagged on May 30 by Nikolette at Better than Coffee, who was tagged (for the second time, apparently) on May 29 by Fab Brunette of Ramblings of a Fab Brunette, who was tagged on May 27 by The Wife of Bold, who was tagged on May 25 by Amy at And 1 More Means Four, who was tagged by Claire at the now-deleted OMG Pregnant.

As a recipient of the Honest Scrap Award, I am now obligated to A) reveal ten little-known facts (or fact-like substances) about myself, and B) spread this horrible virus honorable award to seven other bloggers. It's a heavy burden, but I will bear it with the humility and dignity that has come to be my hallmark in the blogosphere.

Ten Little-Known Facts About Johnny Pez:

1. I can roll my tongue.
2. I avoided reading the Harry Potter books until the last one came out, then I read all seven over the course of a very intense ten-day period.
3. I started wearing glasses at age 15.
4. Much as I like David Tennant, Tom Baker is still my favorite Doctor.
5. I can juggle three balls at once, but not four.
6. Whenever I buy (or am given) a new necktie, I have to re-learn how to tie a Windsor knot.
7. I have no middle name.
8. I haven't flown in a plane since 1998.
9. I can't dance like Fred Astaire, but I can dance like Elaine Benes.
10. I have never held a job that utilized anything I learned in college.

And I hereby tag the following blogs:
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. So can I.
2. Very sensible. I had lost the will to care by the end. There's a reason for trilogies you know.
3. So did I. My son is doomed. We're all glasses wearers in our families.
4. I met Tom Baker once. He came to my home town on a greet he public tour. I had a poster of K9 on my wall with Tom Baker's signiature on it for the longest time. I wonder were it went.
5. I can't juggle.
6. I canm tie ties, but only on other people.
7. I have got a middle name.
8. I have flown in a plabe since 1998.
9. I don't know who Elaine Benes is but I'm guessing I don't want to dance like her.
10. The most transferable skills, and the ones I have used in evey jon I've had, were those I learned whilst waitressing.

Good list.

Interesting you chased down the meme. I even vaugly recognise some of the names on that list. It seems to have originated in the British mommy blogging community or at least cut a swath through there. I wonder why OMG Pregnant deleted her blog.

*wanders off in search o gossip*