Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dog walk: 10/4/11

Partly sunny, temps in the 60s. Still good dog walking weather.

We were coming down Tilden Avenue when we ran across a woman who was also walking her dogs, a pair of Jack Russell terriers. She was just entering Governors Graveyard with her dogs, who were off leash, and the basenjis and I followed her. We had crossed paths with her before, but never had a chance to stop and talk. It turned out that her dogs were recent acquisitions, one from the Potter League for Animals, the other from a shelter in Arkansas. Her previous dog, another Jack Russell, had been attacked and killed by a pair of German shepherds while she was walking him. She was still horrified by the memory, as you might imagine.

I mentioned to her that I would be leaving Newport in six days due to foreclosure, and she said that her home was facing foreclosure too. She had been trying to get a mortgage modification for five years, and had never managed it. After losing her job, she had been forced to stop making mortgage payments, and was only a couple months away from losing her house.

I wished her luck, and she wished me luck, and the basenjis and I went on our way.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

How horrible- will Newport now be nothing more than a playground for wealthy tourists?

Anonymous said...

I would be leaving Newport in six days due to foreclosure

Johnny, that's horrible news. Pennsylvania?!



Johnny Pez said...

B^4: think of it as the city returning to its roots.

Nich: I know, right?