Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prophecy 9

The Prophecies of Johnny Pez know no rest, and neither do I. The Great Ones continue to use me as their plaything, and not in a good way either.
A mighty wind disperses night's fog
And the echo of the unveiled horizon calls;
At the confluence of rivers the silent dog
Awaits the day eternal winter falls.
Fear for your sanity, you who read this. Fear for your life. Fear for your world!

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Nomi said...

Barring medical complications, the Pittsburgh Pirates are getting A.J. Burnett.

serratiasue said...

I believe Prophecy 9 is my favorite... for reasons I can't quite fathom ;)

Johnny Pez said...

Nomi, soon all of Major League Baseball will follow me to Pittsburgh. Dark forces are marshalling here, and naturally, the Yankees will be the first to heed the call.

Sue, there is no explaining the eldritch powers at work here. We can only hope that the results will not be hideous beyond imagining, although they probably will be.