Sunday, May 27, 2012

FAN #0: "Drinking Guide to Burgoyne" by Sir Francis Burdett

Today, the Sobel Wiki gets something a little different.  About ten months after the For All Nails project began, a shw-i regular who went by the name Sir Francis Burdett decided to post an unofficial vignette.  The result was Four Awl Nails #IX: "Drinking Guide to Burgoyne", which was just what it sounds like -- an excerpt from a Rough Guide-style tourist guidebook describing some of the more notable watering holes in the C.N.A.'s capital city of Burgoyne.

Sir Francis eventually became an official member of the FAN Cabal, but "Drinking Guide to Burgoyne" never quite made it to the status of official FAN canon.  Until now.  By the power vested in me by Because I Said So, "Drinking Guide to Burgoyne" is now officially ensconced within the For All Nails section of the Sobel Wiki, as FAN vignette number zero.

"Drinking Guide to Burgoyne" was first posted to the soc.history.what-if newsgroup on 11 August 2002.

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