Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FAN #57B: "A Serb Bullet" by Johnny Pez

Up today at the Sobel Wiki are a couple of For All Nails vignettes.  I've posted my own #57B: "A Serb Bullet", continuing the story of Serbian nationalist Gavril Ducevic in June 1974.  Meanwhile, my colleague David Mix Barrington has posted his own #87: "Springtime for Ferdi and Elbittar", following events in the South American nation of New Granada.

"A Serb Bullet" was first posted to the soc.history.what-if newsgroup on 16 February 2002, and "Springtime for Ferdi and Elbittar" on 27 June 2002.

BTW, the title "A Serb Bullet" comes from a particularly odious remark made by one of the more odious regulars at shw-i.

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