Friday, May 29, 2009

LOC: Empathy and Chrysler dealerships

Earlier this month, the front-pagers and posters at Balloon Juice evolved a new theory of wingnuttery to replace the rapidly-discredited idea of Peak Wingnut: the Wingularity. As described by KG at his new blog The Wingularity is Near, Wingularity Theory holds that wingnut is conserved: it can neither be created nor destroyed, but tends to grow more dense (in both senses of the word) as the number of wingnuts diminishes. As KG puts it:

the insanity of the right (or at least those controlling the Republican Party) will continue to grow exponentially until it collapses into itself, creating the Wingularity, from which no sanity can escape.
One of the symptoms of the approaching Wingularity is the tendency for wingnuts to speak to each other in their own private code, which they understand (and which we, their liberal observers, perforce understand) but which the non-wingnut majority does not. I noticed this tendency myself a couple months back, which led me to come up with my own list of wingnut terminology. This list, which I have decided to formally dub the Lexicon of Crazy, requires continual updating, since the wingnuts are continually adding to their list of code words and phrases.

And so, with this blog post, I now formally add two more terms to the Lexicon of Crazy: empathy and Chrysler dealerships. As the wingnuts add more terms, I will continue to formally update the Lexicon of Crazy in posts like this one.

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