Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Rule 7

The current hot topic within the blogosphere is how Failin' Ed Whelan, NRO pseudoblogger, ex-lower-echelon Loyal Bushie, and President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, outed the real-life identity of liberal Obsidian Wings blogger publius in a fit of snit. Failin' Ed then compounded the douchebaggery by whipping up a sockpuppet with the clever name lsdjkflkj and posting a comment to ObWi defending his actions.

Why out a pseudonymous blogger? Petulance, of course, and childishness, and the realization that one cannot answer the blogger's criticism on its merits. But of course, being a conservative who was dealing with a liberal, Failin' Ed is also operating under the strictures of Rule 7. Failin' Ed had to out publius, because that would piss off publius, and pissing off liberals is one of the few principles that conservatives still adhere to.

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