Thursday, June 4, 2009

Six degrees of Markos Moulitsas

There are plenty of people who find fault with the Daily Kos. It's an echo chamber, say some. Markos rules the place with an iron fist, say others. But you just can't ignore the Great Orange Satan, any more than you can ignore gravity. James Wolcott called it "the Battlestar Galactica of Net-roots activism". For better or worse, the Daily Kos is the central mass around which the rest of the left blogosphere revolves.

So one day, I found myself wondering just how far the Johnny Pez blog orbits from the Orange Mothership. In blogtopia (and yes, Skippy coined that word) distance is measured in blogroll links. The Daily Kos currently blogrolls 59 other blogs, so there are 59 blogs within one degree of Markos Moulitsas. Each of those blogs links to others, all of which are thus within two degrees of Kos. And so on and so forth.

One of the blogs on the dK blogroll is John Cole's Balloon Juice, making it a first-degree blog. Cole, in turn, has Kevin K.'s Rumproast blog on his blogroll, making it a second-degree blog. And wonder of wonders, the Johnny Pez blog can be found on Kevin's Polisnark blogroll, making us a third-degree blog.

So, I now challenge all my fellow bloggers who read this: is your blog within six degrees of Markos Moulitsas?

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Grace Nearing said...

Love the concept, but it would be way too humbling to track the linkages. Let me put it this way: In my blog's prime, it lost out in one of those blog contest thingies to a blog on crockpot cooking. And even Mr. Nearing pointed out that the recipes were excellent.