Friday, December 11, 2009

The Very Sorry Post

D. Aristophanes of the Sadly, No! collective is very very sorry for all the slings and arrows Ann Althouse has suffered at the hands of D.A. himself and all of his fellow lefty bloggers. D.A. has called upon the left blogosphere to join him in making today the day that they all apologize to Althouse for all the mean things they've said about her.

While we here at the Johnny Pez blog have never actually blogged about Professor Althouse, we will admit to chuckling now and then when others mock her over her choice of beverages, her obsession with invisible earpieces, pajamas, onion rings and Jessica Valenti's breasts, as well as her general dumbassery.

And so, we here at the Johnny Pez blog would like to take this opportunity to express just how madly deeply truly sorry we are ever to have snickered at Professor Althouse. Because I think we can all agree that she is no laughing matter.

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