Saturday, June 16, 2012

FAN #97: "A Little Less Conversation" by Johnny Pez

Today the Sobel Wiki presents an embarrassment of riches.  In addition to an article on the South American nation of New Granada, there is an essay on the early history of New Granada by Carlos Thompson, and the text of the Mexican Constitution of 1819 by Noel Maurer.  In addition, there are two For All Nails vignettes, my own #97: "A Little Less Conversation", featuring a German cabinet meeting a week after the assassination of the Chancellor, and Dan McDonald's #107: "Trent's Fighting Airmobiles", an excerpt from a guide to military aircraft.

"New Granada at the end of the 18th century" was posted to the soc.history.what-if newsgroup on 28 November, "Autonomous New Granada" on 1 December, "Briefly outline New Granada, 19th century" on 3 December 2001, "Constitution of the United States of Mexico" on 4 January 2002, "A Little Less Conversation" on 25 July 2002, and "Trent's Fighting Airmobiles" on 24 August 2002.

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