Saturday, July 7, 2012

26 + YEC = 1

Via PZ Myers comes this story of the UK's National Trust trying to be all fair and balanced about how the Giant's Causeway came to be.  In addition to the actual explanation (a lava flow 60 million years ago) and the traditional Irish myth (Finn McCool built it so he could attack a giant in Scotland), the newly-opened visitor's center built by the National Trust also includes the dumbass Young Earth Creationist explanation (Noah's flood).  It turns out the National Trust did this because the Caleb Foundation wanted them to, the Cabel Foundation being a group of evangelical fundies with close ties to the Democratic Unionist Party. These close ties mean that the DUP is actively trying to get creationism taught in Northern Ireland's schools.

I've always been neutral on the subject of Northern Ireland, but no more.  Thank you, Caleb Foundation.  Thank you, Democratic Unionist Party.  You've just given me a reason to support Irish reunification.

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