Sunday, July 22, 2012

FAN #159: "Weakness is Strength" by Bernard Guerrero

Up today at the Sobel Wiki, along with an article on George Loring, are two more For All Nails vignettes.  First is #159: "Weakness is Strength" by Bernard Guerrero, an article from the 12 January 1976 issue of the Statist on copyright negotiations, and second is "Notes from the Investigation (Part 2)" by David Mix Barrington, a sequel to, you guessed it, "Notes from the Investigation (Part 1)".

"Weakness is Strength" was first posted to the soc.history.what-if newsgroup on 29 October 2002.  "Notes from the Investigation (Part 2)," however, although it was largely written ten years ago, appears today for the first time anywhere at the Sobel Wiki.

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