Thursday, July 26, 2012

FAN #164: "Under Heartbeat City's Golden Sun" by Johnny Pez

Up today at the Sobel Wiki are two more For All Nails vignettes.  First, #37: "The Candidate" by Noel Maurer, in which we get our first glimpse of presidential candidate Immanuel Moctezuma in September 1971.  Second, my own #164: "Under Heartbeat City's Golden Sun", in which a popular music act performs in Manitoba in August 1975.

"The Candidate" was first posted to the soc.history.what-if newsgroup on 20 December 2001, and "Under Heartbeat City's Golden Sun" on 7 November 2002.

And heck, here's an embedded video of the Cars' "Heartbeat City" from 1984.


DaveMB said...

I think The Candidate set an FAN record for total footnotes with 23. And wasn't your Heartbeat City piece an outgrowth of a Cabal argument over my Hey, Mister, when Noel said you couldn't write about ATL music effectively without leaning on IOW references?

Johnny Pez said...

I don't remember whether Noel said that, though I do remember him saying he was pleased that the Lokes' music bore no resemblance to The Cars' music.

I remember writing the story to take advantage of two otherwise-unrelated Cars references in FAN (both of which I was, IMS, responsible for): a popular musical act called the Lokes, and a city in Manitoba called Heartbeat City.

I was also responsible for Manitoba having two cities named Harmony and Association.

DaveMB said...

I get that reference (though Googling "harmony and association doesn't). But after all, i'm the one who based the Turnerites "free love" on Heinlein's plural marriage systems...