Saturday, August 11, 2012

FAN #194: "La Reforma Politica" by Noel Maurer

Today at the Sobel Wiki we've got another Noel Maurer two-fer for you.  First is For All Nails vignette #111A: "The Osterman Weekday", in which Joan Kahn passes along the information she gained in vignette #104D: "The Gun Room".  The second is #194: "La Reforma Politica", an account of President Immanuel Moctezuma's various political reforms in the spring on 1975, and their subsequent effects on Mexican politics.

"The Osterman Weekday" was part of a massive untitled vignette that Noel wrote after returning from a vacation in the summer of 2002.  He left it to the rest of the FAN Cabal to turn it into something that could be posted to the soc.history.what-if newsgroup.  I volunteered for the duty, and I divided the vignette into four parts, gave each a separate title, and performed a general rewrite which Noel praised more than it deserved.

"The Osterman Weekday" was posted to shw-i (along with its three sibling vignetts) on 10 September 2002, and "La Reforma Politica" on 7 February 2003.

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DaveMB said...

So the title "The Osterman Weekday" was yours? I always thought that was one of the cleverer titles we had...