Monday, August 20, 2012

FAN #206: "Mi Lucha" by Carlos Yu

Up today at the Sobel Wiki are two For All Nails vignettes: first is #118: "Black September" by Noel Maurer, a look at Mexican politics in September 1974.  Next is #206: "Mi Lucha" by Carlos Yu, an excerpt from the feminist manifesto published in 1975 by Vincent Mercator's estranged wife, Imelda Faye del Valle.  As is always the case with one of Carlos' vignettes, all coincidences are intentional.

"Black September" was first posted to the soc.history.what-if newsgroup on 18 September 2002, and "Mi Lucha" on 21 January 2003.

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DaveMB said...

One tidbit in "Mi Lucha" is that radical feminists in the USM are now known as "luchadoras", the IOW term for female professional wrestlers.

A pity that we don't have "I Mercator (part 4)"...