Sunday, August 12, 2012

FAN #197: "What Dreams May Come" by Johnny Pez

It was pretty much inevitable that at some point, I would write a crossover episode combining For All Nails and the Drowned Baby Timeline, and this is it. Up now at the Sobel Wiki is For All Nails vignette #197: "What Dreams May Come", in which Polish leaders from two alternate histories briefly meet each other: King Frederick Hohenzollern of the Sobel Timeline, and President Edward RaczyƄski of the Drowned Baby Timeline.  Also up is the second part of Noel Maurer's mighty vignette, #111B: "You Can't Go Home Again", in which we are introduced to Sebastian Quezadas, Mexican academic and reserve army officer, and Noel's author avatar (most of us in the FAN Cabal had at least one).

As noted before, all four of Noel's 111 vignettes, including "You Can't Go Home Again", were first posted to the soc.history.what-if newsgroup on 10 September 2002.  "What Dreams May Come" was posted on 19 December 2002 (and its sequel, Drowned Baby Timeline episode 76: "Must Give Us Pause", was posted on 19 January 2003).

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