Saturday, March 1, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: March 1

On March 1, 1799, the nations of Europe brought the Trans-Oceanic War to an end by signing the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. The treaty confirmed the British conquest of Spanish Florida and Louisiana, which were added to the Confederation of North America. The treaty also dissolved the Holy Roman Empire and established a Germanic Confederation led by Prussia. Finally, the treaty removed Charles IV from the Spanish throne, replacing him with Prince Ferdinand of Prussia. The treaty had the unintended effect of setting off a series of revolutions in Spain's American colonies.

On March 1, 1890, Premier Adolfo Camacho of New Grenada sought to head off an imminent invasion by the United States of Mexico by launching a pre-emptive invasion of the Mexican client state of Guatemala.

On March 1, 1936, the New York Stock and Exchange Board opened for the first time in five days, following the 15% fall in prices on February 25. The market experienced its heaviest trading volume in history, and stock prices rose 16% in five hours.

On March 1, 1949, Councilman Chester Lang of the Southern Confederation denounced Governor-General Bruce Hogg's isolationist foreign policy, blaming him for the outbreak of the Global War ten years before. "Bruce Hogg kept his promise. The C.N.A. did not go to war. But because of it, over 100 million innocents are dead, and their blood is on our hands. Our selfishness will never be forgotten, nor should it be. For the next century and more, North Americans will be cursed by other peoples. This is Mr. Hogg's legacy to the nation."

Councilman Lang's statement was reported the next day by the New York Herald.

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