Monday, March 17, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: March 17

On March 17, 1805, the Republic of Mexico was proclaimed following a successful rebellion against Spanish rule. Former Viceroy Juan Vicente de Güemes Padilla, the Count of Revillagigedo, headed a provisional government, promising to draw up a constitution which recognized the rights of "libertad y vida."

On March 17, 1887, Mexican Chief of State Benito Hermión called representatives of leading European, Mexican, and North American newspapers to his office to present proof of a plot by Premier Adolfo Camacho of New Granada to attack the U.S.M. in an alliance with the revolutionary French republic. However, the documents he presented made no mention of French involvement.

On March 17, 1936, the last branch of the National Financial Administration was forced to close its doors in the wake of a panic on the New York Stock and Exchange Board.

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