Saturday, March 15, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: March 15

On March 15, 1898, an investigative team sent by Chief of State Benito Hermión to investigate border incursions by Russian troops reported that there had indeed been violations of the California border, and that the Russian officer in charge of the border, Captain Boris Tschakov, had been "most uncooperative throughout." As a matter of form, Hermión sent a mild note of protest to Russian Foreign Minister Pyotr Sviatopolk-Mirksi, believing the matter would end there.

On March 15, 1936, the New York Stock and Exchange Board was struck by the second panic in two months, with news that the Manitoba branch of the National Financial Administration was suffering a shortage of capital. The N.F.A. was unable to sell its bonds, and the prices of outstanding issues plummeted. By the end of the day, the Manitoba branch was forced to close its doors.

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