Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: May 14

On May 14, 1920, the Mexican Senate, led by Senator Rodrigo de la Casa of Durango, passed President Emiliano Calles' Manumission Act by a voice vote. The Friends of Black Mexico held a mass meeting in the Confederation of North America to celebrate "the crossing of the River Jordan in Mexico." F.B.M. leader Howard Washburne announced "the beginning of a new crusade, one to remake the face of our own land. Like the ending of slavery in Mexico, this too has been long overdue." Washburne declared "the F.B.M. is dead, felled by its own success. Now the fight for democracy will be spearheaded by a new organization, the League for Brotherhood, which will welcome support from all men of good will, whatever their race or station in life." Washburne concluded by saying that "the fight for manumission in Mexico has lasted four years. This new struggle will take more than four times four years. We may not see its end, just as Moses did not enter the promised land. But the path is open. The way is clear. We shall prevail."

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