Thursday, May 8, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: May 8

On May 8, 1929, North American Governor-General Henderson Dewey met with Liberal Party leaders in the Grand Council, and together they scheduled Dewey's bill reforming the National Financial Administration for a vote the following week.

On May 8, 1933, North American Governor-General Douglas Watson held a special Cabinet meeting to discuss his recent tour of the major powers of Europe with his Cabinet ministers. Unlike the vitavised address he had given the day before, Watson painted a dark picture for his ministers, revealing that the Germanic Confederation was expanding into British spheres of influence in Africa and Asia, ramping up its military spending, and -- most ominously of all -- negotiating an alliance with the United States of Mexico. Watson proposed that the C.N.A. form a defensive alliance with the British, and increase its own defense spending. In spite of protests by Minister of Agriculture Henry Evans, the Cabinet voted to support Watson.

(Sobel admits that his description of the special Cabinet meeting comes from Jeffrey Martin, a political opponent of Watson's, and is therefore of dubious accuracy.)

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