Friday, May 16, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: May 16

On May 16, 1816, Governor Alexander Hamilton of Jefferson addressed the Jefferson Chamber of Representatives, with Governors James Monroe and John Gaillard by his side, to justify their decision to declare war against the Republic of Mexico. Hamilton said, "We fight for civilization. We cannot permit the slaughter of innocents to continue. Even now blood flows through the streets of most Mexican towns and cities, her villages are in flames, and her people oppressed. We go to Mexico not as conquerors, but as friends, to end this destruction which has been allowed to continue for too long."

On May 16, 1840, North American Viceroy Sir Alexander Haven ratified the Lloyd Bill, which ended Negro slavery in the Southern Confederation through compensated manumission.

On May 16, 1914, French troops began landing in Argentina. French President Henri Fanchon said the troops were there "to assist that government in repressing guerrilla activities near the capital." Fanchon told reporters that "There is evidence that the Argentine guerrillas are being supplied from Mexico. If this is true, France may have to take actions stronger than words to aid its ally."

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