Sunday, January 4, 2015

Today in the Sobel Timeline: January 4

Just before dawn on January 4, 1916, several fires broke out in the Negro sections of the Mexican city of Chapultepec, followed by rioting. The police were sent to the area to put down the riot, leaving the city's Federal Prison largely unguarded. At that point, more than 2,000 young people, including many North Americans, stormed the Federal Prison. The external guards were overpowered, and the mob began to batter down the prison gates. Despite being fired upon by the interior guards, members of the mob made it past the guards and into the prison, where they began freeing the 8,000 slaves being tried for treason. The slaves joined the attackers in subduing the remaining guards, then escaped with them into the streets of Chapultepec. Soldiers from Mexico City were rushed to the scene, followed by an investigative team. It was later determined that in addition to 4,000 injured, the attack on the prison cost the lives of 188 guards, 549 attackers, and 429 prisoners.

On January 4, 1955, self-appointed Mexican President Colonel Vincent Mercator responded to economic attacks by Kramer Associates President Carl Salazar by giving a vitavised speech in which he warned that "Mexico's enemies will not go unpunished. We will push in Mr. Salazar's ugly snout, and make him wish he hadn't thought of his slimy plan to destroy us."

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