Monday, January 5, 2015

Today in the Sobel Timeline: January 5

On January 5, 1899, in response to a request from Kramer Associates President Diego Cortez y Catalán, the Japanese government attempted to mediate an end to the Great Northern War between the United States of Mexico and the Russian Empire. Ono Yamashita, the Japanese ambassador to Mexico City, met with Secretary of State Felicio Montoya to ask whether Chief of State Benito Hermión was willing to establish terms for a peace agreement. At the same time, the Japanese ambassador to St. Petersburg, Baron Keigo Kiyoura, spoke with Russian Foreign Minister Prince Pyotr Sviatopolk-Mirsky about possible Japanese mediation.

On January 5, 1926, there was a vitavised debate between Mexican President Emiliano Calles and his United Mexican Party challenger, Assemblyman Pedro Fuentes. Both candidates were wary of appearing too combative, and spoke guardedly about the issue of manumission.

On January 5, 1950, Jeffrey Martin of the New York Herald published a story discussing a recent tour of the Confederation of North America. Martin had taken an extensive tour of the country twelve years earlier, and met again with 476 people he had spoken to during the earlier tour. Martin wrote, "It is interesting to note that of the 295 individuals who told me they planned to vote for Coalition councilmen and so elect Hogg, 203 claimed to have voted Liberal and had supported Watson. They apparently had convinced themselves that they had guilt for the war, and tried to expunge this sentiment with a retroactive PC vote."

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