Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey, Barack, how about these guys?

From the Rumproast blog comes a tale of two tails: two goldendoodle puppies named Stella and Susie who have been rescued from a puppy mill and are now in foster care in Colorado Springs, according to a press release by the National Mill Dog Rescue. The Obama family is famously looking for a hypoallergenic dog for their daughters Malia and Sasha, and since there are two children, why not get two dogs? In addition, as the NMDR's press release notes:

The adoption of Stella and/or Susie would go a long way toward sending a strong message to current and future pet owners: Adoption, coupled with effective spay-neuter programs, enables abused, abandoned dogs to obtain a new lease on life and helps control pet overpopulation.

As it happens, the new White House website has a contact page, so I'll be emailing them to let them know about Stella and Susie. If you'd like to see these sweet girls become the new First Dogs, go ahead and do the same.

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