Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pick the new NYT wingnut contest!

Those rumors you've heard are true. Legacy wingnut William "Always Wrong" Kristol is gone from the pages of the New York Times. This presents the publishers of the NYT with a big problem: who can they get to replace him? After all, the appointment of Kristol to replace John Tierney seemed to indicate a positive policy at the Times to replace each conservative with one who was less sane. Given that policy, who can the Times find to continue the downward spiral?

That's where you come in. Nominations are now open for the "Find a Crazier Wingnut Than Kristol" constest. The winner of the contest will receive the coveted "Golden Pez Award". So, who will it be? Michelle "Our Lady of Perpetual Outrage" Malkin? Pamela "Shrieking Harpy" Geller? Erick "The Dim" Erickson? Or will the Times dare to poach Jonah "Doughy Pantload" Goldberg from the Los Angeles Times?

Let your voice be heard!

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Nomi said...

Ann (Man?) Coulter deserves a Nomination.