Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's package scares off GOP

Congressional Republicans have been saying all along about how scared they are about the size of Obama's package. Apparently they thought Obama's package was too big, because not one of them dared to open themselves up to it. Meanwhile, Republican Mitt Romney unveiled his own package, one that is much smaller than Obama's. Romney hopes that Americans will find his own package to be more comfortable than Obama's. And while all that is going on, Rush Limbaugh has been criticized for saying that he hopes Obama's package doesn't work.

I have to say that I find all this attention being focused on Obama's package to be a little unseemly. Sure, I'm curious about Obama's package. I think any American who says he isn't is lying. But there's no denying that, as important as Obama's package is, it's not important enough to warrant all this attention. I for one hope that in the days to come we can all forget our obsession with Obama's package and focus our attention on more immediate matters.

Like Obama's dog.

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