Thursday, January 15, 2009

No peak wingnut

Back on 13 October, John Cole of the blog Balloon Juice proposed the theory of Peak Wingnut:

Sure, there is still lots going on- the Obama smears have been fast and furious, and there are lots of current attempts to mainstream nonsense (a solid example would be Jonah’s market analysis), but it all seems so yesterday. These days, there seem to be more than enough outlets to rebut the bullshit, the media is tired of being treated like morons, and the Democrats seem for once ready and itching for a fight. But most of all, the attempts just seem so feeble.

It didn't last long. Cole made his original post at 9:05 PM. At 9:12 a commenter cited a post by Erick "the Dim" Erickson at RedState claiming that a ten-year-old Obama had "had an affair" with a pedophile, and Cole quickly retracted his theory:

Ignore all my questions from above- wingnut is a renewable resource. Peak Wingnut was the shortest lived “theory” ever.

Cole's mistake was a simple one: he was using the wrong metaphor to describe wingnuttery. Right-wing craziness is not a mountain that is being climbed. Right-wing craziness is a black hole into which conservatism is descending. Just as there is no "bottom" to a black hole, so there is no lower limit beyond which conservatism cannot sink. The craziness will become more and more densely compacted until finally there will only be a single right-winger (possibly Jonah Goldberg) gibbering in a padded room as his mind enters an exponentially expanding continuum of liberal-bashing lunacy.

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