Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dog walk: 9/25/11

The calendar says we're three days into fall, but the thermometer says otherwise. It's 78 Fahrenheit, cloudy and humid in Newport. But lest you think all is perfect, there are also clouds of gnats floating around. Ugh!

There aren't as many tourists in town as you'd see in the summer, but there are still some. The Caribbean Princess does a week-long round trip cruise at this time of year, stopping at Newport every Sunday. The liner's shuttles dock at Perrotti Park, and you can always find some passengers chilling at the park. A walk through the park always results in passing comments on how cute the basenjis are.

While passing by the Newport Bay Club, we met Ariel the Jewelry Girl, who informed me, sadly, that this was her last day of handing out coupons. Since the dogs and I will be moving to Pennsylvania next month, and Ariel will be moving to Kentucky in November, this is our last visit with her. She knelt down on the sidewalk, took Klea in her lap, and gave her a long, last goodbye hug.

Crossing Spring Street near the Newport Public Library, the basenjis attracted the attention of a couple who had also just crossed the street. They were very taken with the basenjis, particularly with how well-behaved they were compared to their own Jack Russell terriers.

We passed by a woman trimming her lawn on King Street who asked whether the dogs were Shiba Inus. I explained that, no, they were African basenjis. I occasionally get asked if the dogs are Shibas, because the two breeds are about the same size, with pointy ears and curly tails. However, when you see the two breeds together, they don't really look that much alike.

The final highlight of the walk (for the dogs, at least), was a stop by one of the parking lots flanking the Brick Marketplace, where Louis and Klea got a milkbone each from the parking attendant. This is the reason the basenjis are so fond of parking lots; even lots that don't have attendants attract their attention, just on the off chance that treats might materialize anyway.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I will miss your Newport ramblings narratives.

Johnny Pez said...

On the bright side, soon the dogs and I will get to explore McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Moving is good for literary inspiration. Hope the transition goes smoothly!

The Shiba used to get asked if he was a Basenji all the time. I think they sound like each other on paper. Minus the whole difference in coat length and country of origin, you know! And now that we've got one of each, every now and then someone will still ask, "Are they... related?"