Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A message from Fred Hiatt

Gud day.

As yoo no, we heer at the Washenton Poast hav alweez bin in the forfrunt of Amercan jernalism. So ime plezed to anouns that we hav takin the next step in craften are paper in too the ledin news sors in Amerca. Yestrday, i lade off are last remanin copy editers. Becos the Washentin Post is in the news biznis, not the copy edit biznis.

This importint step haz freed up the resorses too alow us to hier wun of the ledin jernalists of are time, Ms. Pamela Geller of the Atlas Juggs blog, as a weekle commist. Sum may say that a blogger haz no plas in sirios jernalism, but my frend John Bolton asherd me that Ms. Geller haz the nesasary kwalificshns cualaficashuns skilz, + after a lenthee personl intervyu with her ime convinsed that she duz. Ms. Geller wil be bringin her ecksport nollej of Midl Erth Estern afarz to the Post, + we heer coodnt be hapier.

With the adishun of Ms. Geller, the Washintn Poast wil kintinyoo its prowd tradishun of seeries jernalism.

Fred Hiatt
Editeral Paj Editer
Washintin Post


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

J.P., is this snark? Please tell me it's snark.

Johnny Pez said...

I hope it is, B^4, but really, who can say for certain?