Monday, September 1, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: September 1

On September 1, 1966, North American Governor-General Perry Jay gave a vitavised speech in which he announced the successful test by the C.N.A. of an atomic bomb in northern Manitoba. The bomb test coincided with Jay's 65th birthday, and he called it "the best present I could have had." Jay then went on to note the quickening pace of change in the world, saying that in his youth, "it seemed to us, growing up in what was still a quiet and peaceful world, that progress was inevitable. Later on, we learned that it wasn't progress that came with each new year, but change. And there's quite a difference between them. I came to office convinced that certain changes had to be made, and that this nation had to abandon its honeymoon with romanticism and face the facts of the atomic era. This has been done; my work is finished. It is for this reason that I will call a meeting of the caucus tomorrow, to present my resignation and help pave the way for my successor." Sobel notes that Jay had told no one of his impending resignation, and that after his speech the capital of the C.N.A. hummed with rumors of the succession.