Saturday, September 20, 2014

Today in the Sobel Timeline: September 20

On September 20, 1783, John Burgoyne, first Viceroy of the Confederation of North America, died of pneumonia in spite of attempts by doctors to treat the condition by bleeding.

On September 20, 1911, British Prime Minister Stanley Martin remarked on Marshal Henri Fanchon's election as President of France, saying, "France is now at peace. The republicans have their Republic, and the royalists their King." Baldwin's remark was quoted in the next day's issue of the London Times.

On September 20, 1939, a second flight of German troop airmobiles landed in Arabia, debarking another 2,000 elite troops to join the previous day's arrivals. In London, Prime Minister George Bolingbroke met with his Cabinet in the morning to discuss a request for aid by the Ottoman Shah. The Cabinet assented to his request to send 10,000 Royal Marines from the Victoria Canal to Constantinople. That afternoon, Bolingbroke informed the House of Commons of the decision, saying, "This may mean war. If so, then so be it. We cannot allow Mr. Bruning to destroy a century and more of progress in that part of the world." That evening, 3,500 marines were airlifted to Arabia, while 20,000 more boarded ship for Constantinople.

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